Die Welt ist kein Machwerk und die Tiere sind kein Fabrikat zu unserem Gebrauch. Nicht Erbarmen, sondern Gerechtigkeit ist man den Tieren schuldig.
-- Arthur Schopenhauer

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One more Earthlings screening, number 5 in 1 year. As a part of an initiative of Aktion Umwelt (Action environment, www.aktion-umwelt.de ) and TIRS (the Stuttgart Animal Rights Network, www.tirs-online.de), and one of the best one: it took place in a tiny, cozy and old cinema room of the best known youth center of Stuttgart, main town of South West Germany.

Every of the 15 attendants had been deeply moved by the film. Most of them said after the screening they will change their consume habits or getting active for the animals in our group. As a matter of fact, we  explicitely named at the end of the movie Veganism as the simplest and strongest way that everyone possesses to stop the mass murder and slavery of non-human animals by humankind. A way the animal exploitation industry and its lobby cannot resist.

Thanks to Nation Earth again for the strong pictures and true words of Earthlings! We will show it until they are all free!